What a zipper becomes when it has fallen down…Undone

Before I was even a glimmer in my daddy’s pants my whole life was planned

Every scrapped knee
Each broken heart
All planned out as God held me in his hand

Then I met him
Yes a boy
Sweet tender and all mine

Thought my life was complete
You know start living now
Well it’s all come undone

I can’t lean on him
This boy who used to be mine
He’s gone vanished

Wiped clean
Like vinegar and newspaper on a car window in Mexico
Scrubbed until all the dirt is gone

Undone because all the sweetness of that boy dried up
Like when you chew on a piece of gum and all the sugary sweet syrup sits on your tongue
But a moment later is gone

Undone because I was smothered by the weight of this boy
His body, his sadness,
his stationary life

Undone and left it all there with that boy who became greedy
With his love,
his words, his body

Undone like a little girl on the playground who is playing dodge ball hair all sweaty around the edges and falling out of her ponytail
Since the day I left its all come


Written December 4, 2008

Nun Ode by Brandon Anderson an undoing of “Undone” by Sheila (Newsom) Streetman (“Nun Ode” is an anagram of “Undone” so I have quite literally undone “Undone”)

Keeping your heart pure should be part of the plan
Waiting for the right one will lead you to joy.
Don’t cheapen yourself for a man
That treats women as nothing more than a sex toy.

Chastity takes major control
But you don’t need to join a convent
Keep your standards high, I beg you, just wait.

Eventually having a lot of romantic relationships will take its toll.
Hold on for that equally yolked gent.
Don’t settle for some guy that is second rate.

When he says he loves you, test his dedication,
For all of your life he needs to stay true.
God has selected one man for you in all of Creation
Make sure he won’t turn and flee when you puke from the flu.

He needs to marry you to deserve any lovin’
If you give it to him sooner then he will treat you cheap
When you feel used you might start bitchin’.

Soon enough you might start fighting and shovin’
There’s just no sense in keeping a creep
If he’s looking for a handout, then ditch him.


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